Old Fashioned Service Since 1962


In 1962 Kettley Insurance Associates was founded by William and Marlene Kettley in an office on Lincoln Ave on the east side of Aurora.  Bill's philosophy was work hard and keep it simple but most of all take care of the clients needs first and everything else will fall into place.  Bill  retired in 1991 and the business was purchased by his daughter Joan Kettley-Weinert.  In 2014 Joan sold her business to Edward Kettley Sr. and Edward Kettley Jr. of Kettley and Company REALTORS who's approach has always been to give customers old fashioned service.  Recently Kettley Insurance became affiliated with SIAA of Chicago Land  which dramatically increases the insurance companies we market.  We are providing our clients tremendous value for their insurance dollars.  Low premiums are great but low premiums with the right coverage is even better.